Social Platforms continue to optimise their algorithms and functionality in order to best serve advertisers and audiences alike. Read below for the most relevant changes in July.


Several options for retargeting are now available to advertisers who select engagement optimisation on ad manager. These are:

  • Video: Will retarget customers who watched a certain percentage of the video.
  • Lead form: Used to retarget individuals who have opened a form and haven’t submitted it.
  • Instagram Profile: Will retarget those who have interacted with your Instagram profile in any way.New options for adverts on Facebook that were put in place this month include:
  • Videos for dynamic ads. Businesses can now upload product-level videos to showcase in their dynamic ads rather than only static images
  • Overlays for dynamic ads. These overlays offer an option to include price, a percentage off as calculated from differences between sale and price, or the sale price and regular price strikethrough.

While a household targeting option was announced it has only been rolled out in the US.

Link preview images will no longer be editable and will rely only on the metadata received from the link. This is part of an ongoing effort by Facebook to reduce fake news and clickbaiting.


  • A new filtering option has become available to reduce offensive comments and spam.
  • Live Video Replay. You can now instantly share your live video directly to your Stories with one simple touch; all you have to do is click “Share” once the broadcast has ended.
  • Users can also now interact with your video while it’s being shared, giving brands and users new ways to get in touch.



Users will finally be able to upload videos that will autoplay natively on the platform. This is on trial currently to a limited number of users in the US but a full roll out has been announced in the following months.

The ability to add multiple photos is available now on iOS and is coming soon to Android and desktop. Now your followers will be able to dive deeper into your posts to see more than just one dimension of your company’s latest news or milestones.


Videos can now be longer than 10 seconds, and new creative options have been added on such as the ability to change the color of objects in the snap. Other creative options include new world lenses and the ability for users to create custom geofilters.

Users can now record up to six 10 second snaps on continuous flow and can be posted all at the same time. This means that, effectively, up to a minute of video is now allowed.

SnapMap has been rolled out. This functionality allows you to geolocate and check on your friends’ snaps.


To combat hate speech Twitter has enabled new options for users to mute specific accounts on their feed. The options added include :

  • Accounts that are new (that you don’t follow).
  • Accounts that don’t follow you (that you don’t follow).