LinkedIn is known to be a premier network for lead generation. A powerful tool to add to your arsenal could come in the form of Linkedin Showcase pages. They work as an extension of a Company Page, designed for spotlighting a business unit or service.

Showcase Pages have many benefits:

  • They’re focused on content and promotion.
  • You can see page analytics and update notifications.
  • You can sponsor updates from the page.
  • You can feature groups on the page.
  • They appear in search results on LinkedIn.
  • Members can follow your Showcase Pages.
  • Intended for long term use with a defined product or service line, they enable you to publish content to more specific audience groups, allowing interested people to tune into a specific subset of your products and services.

Showcase Pages aren’t intended to be used for events, or campaigns that have a lifespan of a few months, they’re designed to attract followers that you can establish a long-term relationship with making valuable tools for brands to create interest.

These pages can be valuable lead generation tools to show specialisation or as ways to maintain streams of content organised. Brands have used them successfully to cater to many audiences such as job seekers, prospective clients, internal audiences or professional peers that have different needs in terms of content or language.

If LinkedIn is a main point of your digital strategy and you have multiple streams of service or secondary targets, Showcase Pages can help you tailor your content offering to their needs.