Australia’s taste for travel remains as we continue to rank as one of the top travelling nations in the world. Flight Centre’s inaugural Travel Trends Report details how Aussies are planning and travelling to their favourite destinations:

Australians are currently enjoying the ‘golden age of travel’, as old and young alike continue to mobilise to the hottest international destinations. They’re taking advantage of more affordable travel options to take multi-city trips and feed their cravings for new experiences and culture.

Our traveller segments

While the average Australian traveller is a solo male aged 47 who travels for an average of 15 days, Flight Centre has also noted three main segments with their own travel motivations:

Young and free: a younger demographic looking to let loose
Passion seeker: young professionals wanting to indulge on a holiday
Bucket listers: a mature audience ready to begin their second life.
Australians across all segments like to plan ahead, with an average of 78 days between the time of booking and departure. Destinations like Fiji and Bali however are being visited year round with a spike in visitation in September and October when prices being to drop.

Digital and social media reigns

The major factor in our booking continues to be the internet and social media, ranking as the highest influence for Australian travel. They have become the best way for people to research and book their holidays and while it’s also a place to engage with their travelling family and peers, it’s fueling the notion of the fear of missing out.

Geographic boundaries don’t look like they’ll be getting in the way of Aussie travellers in 2017. It’s more than likely that next year they’ll be exposed to increasingly affordable and popular multi-city and multi-country stopovers proving that there has never been a better time to travel. If you’d like to find out more, you can access the full Flight Centre report here.