Pushing pure product and brand messages at the wrong time can be as outdated a narrative as “waking up and realising it was all a dream”. Whether it’s owned or paid, long or short form, visual or written, CommsLab’s unique operational model works with you to create content that’s strategic, creative and cost-effective. We focus on:

– AGILITY. Our agile approach and speed to market can be the difference between harnessing an opportunity and missing out.

– VALUE. Our deep multichannel advertising expertise means we squeeze every drop of value from each piece of content. We hate content for content’s sake. Return on investment is the name of the game!

– STRATEGY. Successful content comes from an intimate understanding of the audience, media channels, platforms, business and marketing goals. Our integrated strategic model consolidates these insights into the “backbone” of the content.

commslab & ultraceuticals

CommsLab sourced real customers across 3 key market segments to create a content series across PR and social.

Through tightly controlled segmentation and retargeting techniques integrated across a range of digital channels, we drove leads down the purchase funnel. With limited budget, we developed over 40 pieces of content and collateral for consumer and trade audiences.


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