Ultraceuticals is bringing to life the stories of real people that have achieved real visible skin results through the #RVR90 digital and social campaign by marketing collective CommsLab Sydney.

The brand challenged its expert skin technicians to record the stories of transformation they achieved for their clients through 90 days of home care and treatments, and sifted through thousands of entries to find the campaign brand ambassadors.
A series of online films follow Sue-Ann; a business owner, mother of 3 and budding bodybuilder from Brisbane. Her story demonstrates just how skin damage can affect confidence, and demonstrates Ultraceuticals’ commitment to providing skincare that really works.

Says Xuan Henderson, marketing director: “When skin products don’t deliver, it can often leave a sense of disillusionment and hopelessness that can actually stop people harnessing life. We think that there is no better way of bringing to life the #RVR90 Skin Transformation than highlighting the life changing results of real patients.”

Says Josh Armstrong, strategic business lead, CommsLab: “It makes us proud to contribute to the equality conversation by telling the story of a strong, confident and multifaceted woman. There is a bit of all of us in Sue-Ann; whether it’s the bodybuilder, the parent, the business owner, the traveller.”

Marketing Director: Xuan Henderson
PR Manager: Adrian De Brock
Agency: CommsLab
Strategic Business Lead: Josh Armstrong
Director: Dan Brophy
Art Direction: Paul Wells
Photography (Film, still): Josh Flavell, Sarah Fountain
Business Managers: Jorge Lastra, Dylan Long

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